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Every Child is a Prodigy. Dear Prodigy is our effort to spread the joy of playing, reading, and caring to all the children. Our mission is to design beautiful books, toys, and crafts that the kids will love and cherish. To Your Prodigies & Mine.


Nusrat Armin

I’m Titly; born and raised in Bangladesh. Currently living in the US since 2013. In the last two years, I was blessed with my two sons- Abdullah and Ahmad. My heart wants that they will be able to speak in Bangla (my mother language), read and write Bangla. Especially after learning the benefits of children learning multiple languages, my desire has increased. Even though there are many beautiful storybooks, rhyme books, alphabet puzzles in English, materials for teaching the Bengali language are quite limited here in the United States. So I thought why not I do something for the children? From then on, the journey of Dear Prodigy started.

Dear Prodigy's Journey

February, 2021

Dear Prodigy Begins

On February 21, International Mother Language Day, Dear Prodigy began its journey.


December, 2021

50 years of Bangladesh

We celebrated 50 years of Bangladesh and presented Bangladesh themed gift items for all.

Bangladesh Giftset Small

What Parents Say

Dear Prodigy’s mission is to beautifully represent Bengali culture, tradition, and language to the world. You can follow our activities on Facebook and Instagram @dear.prodigy